Dearest Reader,

Welcome to Bag Ladies & Black Tea, a brand new blog by a co-founder of the PLAN 2008 diversity triumvirate. This space will function mainly as a journal of my reading habits--look out for emotionally resonant quotations, politically charged idea-thinking, and vitally important social commentary. Keywords to consider include the following: diaspora, queer, feminist, brown, south asia, grad school, indian cinema, bestie, imin, diana, justine.

Very best wishes, and happy reading.



Imin said...

when i was in highschool this hippie girl tried to get me to say namaste to her ceramic bowls. something about saying that i was part of the bowl and the bowl was part of me. that there was no superiority.

Seema said...

You have to go slow and define things in detail for us not so astute readers. I am definitely a left-brained individual.

Additionally, this is my first time blogging. Us accountants are not that versatile.